Liang Ding (丁亮)

NLP Researcher

JD Explore Academy, Inc.
Beijing, China

Twitter: @liangdingNLP
GitHub: @alphadl
Scholar: Google Scholar Profile
WeChat: Liam_DL1469


I am currently a research scientist and lead the NLP research group [photo of JDExplore d-team] at JD Explore Academy, where I am a member of the Doctoral Management Trainee (DMT) program (a top-tier talent program in, Inc.). I received Ph.D. from The University of Sydney, supervised by Prof. Dacheng Tao (IEEE/ACM Fellow). I was a research intern at Tencent AI Lab, advised by Dr. Zhaopeng Tu and Dr. Longyue Wang. I also worked at Cheetah Mobile as the main developer of the "realtime voice translator" [Demo]. I have published over 50 papers in NLP/AI venues, including ACL, EMNLP, ICLR, ICML, AAAI, IJCAI, SIGIR, CVPR, IEEE TPAMI, and TKDE, and some of them were applied to industrial products. I am the Area/ Session Chair of ACL, NAACL, AAAI, and SDM. I won many AI challenges, including SuperGLUE benchmark, GLUE benchmark, WMT 2022, IWSLT 2021 and WMT 2019. I have been appointed as a researcher of SIAS, Zhejiang University since 2023.

My research mainly focuses on deep learning for NLP, including large language model pretraining, language understanding, generation, and translation. More recently, I and my group have been focusing on foundation models of general NLP. We start with data, models, objectives, optimization, and better adaptation to various downstream tasks to investigate how to efficiently, sufficiently, and trustworthily transfer knowledge from large-scale data to the parameters of the pre-training model. Our model scale has reached GPT-3 level, i.e. 175B.

I am always open for collaborations!

📣 NEWS: I have several FTE and intern positions on LLM research and development. Email me if interested (I will reply within 12 hours).

📣 I have several internship positions. Self-motivated students with experience in NLP and PLM are welcome.



† indicates intern/student under my supervision. ✉️ means corresponding author.

Competitions and Shared Tasks

  • SuperGLUE Benchmark, ranked 1st with an average score of 91.3 (since Oct. 8 2022).
  • WMT 2022, ranked 1st on Chinese<=>English, German<=>English, Czech<=>English, and English=>Russian, 2nd on Russian=>English and Japanese=>English, and 3rd on English=>Japanese General Translation Tasks, respectively.
  • GLUE Benchmark, ranked 1st with an average score of 91.3 (since Jan. 1 2022).
  • IWSLT21, ranked 1st on Swahili-English speech translation task.
  • WMT20, ranked 2nd on German-to-English chat translation shared task.
  • Tencent AI Innovation Competition, ranked 3rd on "input tips in human-computer interaction translation" problem.
  • WMT19, ranked 1st on Finnish-to-English news translation shared task.
  • CWMT17, ranked 3rd on the Japanese-to-Chinese patent translation shared task.

Professional Services

  • Area Chair: ACL 2024/ NAACL 2024/ ACL 2022
  • Session Chair: AAAI 2023/ SDM 2021
  • Journal Reviewer: ACL Rolling Review/ IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems/ Artificial Intelligence/ Knowledge-Based Systems/ Computational Linguistics/ ACM Transactions on the Web (Distinguished Reviewer)/ IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing/ Natural Language Engineering/ ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing/ Neural Computation/ Neurocomputing/ IEEE Transactions on Multimedia etc.
  • Member: ACL (2020-)/ IEEE (2020-)

Group Members

I am always fortunate to work with these brilliant students (both onsite and remote, see alumni here), they are:
  • Changtong Zan (PhD from China University of Petroleum, 07/2021-present)
  • Qihuang Zhong (PhD from Wuhan University, 09/2021-present)
  • Keqin Peng (PhD from Beihang University, 09/2022-present)
  • Rong Bao (PhD from Fudan University, 09/2022-present)
  • Ziyang Xu (Master from Wuhan University, 11/2022-present)
  • Qingyu Lu (PhD from Southeast University, 05/2023-present)
  • Baopu Qiu (Master from Nanjing University, 05/2023-present)
  • Fei Wang (PhD from South China University of Technology, 09/2022-present)
  • Shizhan Cai (Mphil from The University of Sydney, 07/2023-present)

Selected Awards

  • 2023: Best Paper Nomination, ACL.
  • 2022-23: Technology Golden Award (京东集团技术金项奖), the highest tech. award at, Inc.
  • 2022: Distinguished Reviewer, ACM Transactions on the Web.
  • 2022: Superior AI Leader Award, The World Artificial Intelligence Conference.
  • 2018: Beijing Outstanding Graduate, The Education Committee of Beijing.
  • 2013: National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of P.R.China.

*Last updated on 3/2024.