Liang Ding (丁亮)

NLP Researcher

JD Explore Academy, Inc.
Beijing, China

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I am currently an Algorithm Scientist with JD Explore Academy,, Inc., and a member of the Doctoral Management Trainee (DMT) program. I received Ph.D. from The University of Sydney (USYD), supervised by Prof. Dacheng Tao (IEEE/ACM Fellow). I had been a research intern at Tencent AI Lab, advised by Dr. Zhaopeng Tu and Dr. Longyue Wang. I also worked at Cheetah Mobile as the main developer of the "realtime voice translator" [Demo]. I have published over 20 papers in NLP/AI venues, including ICLR, ACL, EMNLP, COLING, NAACL, AAAI, SIGIR, and CVPR, and some of them were applied to industrial products, e.g. Baidu DuerOS. I served as the Area Chair and Session Chair for ACL 2022 and SDM 2021, respectively. I won many AI challenges, including SuperGLUE benchmark, GLUE benchmark, WMT 2022, IWSLT 2021, WMT 2020 and WMT 2019.

My research focuses on deep learning for NLP, including pretrained language model (PLM), neural machine translation (NMT), cross-lingual/ modal learning, and a series of language understanding tasks upon PLMs. More recently, I and my group have been focusing on foundation models of general NLP. We start from data, models, objectives, and better adaptation to various downstream tasks to investigate how to efficiently and trustworthily transfer knowledge from large-scale data to the parameters of the pre-training model. Our model scale has reached GPT-3 level, i.e. 175B.

I am always open for collaborations!

📣 I have several internship positions at JD Explore Academy. Self-motivated students with research experience in NLP and PLM are welcome.



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